Check out “BERSERK” from Official Vybe!


Checking in from Coralville, Iowa is rapper Vybe or Official Vybe. He brings his trippy new trap single “Activist”. The song was produced by Grammy Award winner Matty Trump. The slow trap single is about Vybe being active in all things including of course Lean. Whats dope about the single is you can clearly hear the emcee even though he is on a modern day trap beat doing a song in the style of most mumble rappers but there is perfect clarity in the words he is pronouncing. Thats a gift. The beat itself will get even rap purists vibing even as they mutter how they hate trap and lean heads. Moral of the story is music is changing and if you are going to go with the changes and sound current you should follow Vybe’s lead and make it possible for everyone to enjoy your track with clear lyrics and dope production.

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With Vybe, the new upcoming rap artist releasing the latest album, i am a martian, David Berry is all set to create history in music industry. Right from the age of 12, Vibe was inspired and fell in love with Rap and hip hop and what he is now today; the entire world knows him as Vib. He can be heard on online radio channels and on mixtape websites. Having appeared on more than 242 major and idle sites, he is also known as a song writer and it is through these sites that he reaches out to his fans to promote himself.

Those seeking to buy his albums will find over 600 stores and 120 countries through the label horus music in UK. You can find vibe 12 on mixtapes along with famous artists king of the trap 3 and with him as hip hop 3 with the songs called 30 on me and im me.  Songs like unsigned and others of Vibe can be downloaded through Apple I Tune. Also you can get previews on opening the I Tunes. It is under the guidance of Jeron that David Berry came to hone the skills of rap music and since then he had studied the music for years and now everyone knows him in the music industry. It is at the age of 18 that he put up his music on the internet from where the whole world came to know about him.

Album Jammin is directed by Bryan Butt, producer being Jihad griffin and album Thoughts by Uneekint Feat Vybe can be downloaded from I Tune into PCs, iPod and iPads. He has made songs that can be related to the lives of those hearing them and with changing styles of the rap music and delivering in many ways, the lyrics; he has exposed his talent to the world. Indeed Vybe is the new and upcoming band artists whose name are going round in music circles especially where the genre is rap and hip hop.